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A Bit About Us

We are a Licensed Custom Exempt wildgame processor servicing Southern Arizona. We offer a wide variety of custom cuts and processing options to get the best quality meat from your hunt.

Meat Services: About

General Processing

Deer $150.00 
(Deer over 100 LBS will be charged at $1.50 per pound on hang weight).
Javelina $80.00
Elk  *Current pricing $1.50 per pound
Skinning Fee $40.00
$20 disposal fee.

Meat Services: Services

General Process

We offer a General Process with your choice of cuts, so you can enjoy every part of your harvest.




~Stew Meat

*Please see additional add on options

unnamed (1)_edited.jpg


$5.00 per pound w/ 5 pound minimum. All sausage has 30% pork added.

Available Options:

Original Breakfast sausage

3 Pepper Sausage (Spicy)

Italian Sausage (Mild)

Italian Sausage (Hot)

Chorizo (Mild or Hot)

Mape Sausage


Fakin' Bacon

$9 Per Pound 6LBS minimum

Fakin' Bacon is a tasty ground, cured and smoked style of wildgame. A similar flavor to traditional pork Bacon with a whole lot less fat. Perfect for the "picky eaters" to enjoy wildgame.

Available Options

~3 Pepper

~Black Pepper/Garlic



Summer Sausage

$7 Per Pound 6LBS minimum

Available Options

~Original Summer Sausage

~ 3 Pepper (spicy)

~ Black Pepper/Garlic

Meat Services: Recipes
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